What is Your Biggest Regret?

What is Your Biggest Regret?

What is Your Biggest Regret?

Have you ever regretted not spending time with a family member or a friend?  Or maybe it is regret about a phone call that you never made?  Maybe an opportunity at work which you did not take advantage of?  Did you ever pass on an event that you regretted not going to afterward?  Or, how about a place you passed on visiting or a vacation you have not yet taken?  What is Your Biggest Regret?

Earlier this year, a team from A Plus (a New York media company who’s co-founder and chairman is Ashton Kutcher) placed a chalkboard next to a park in Brooklyn and invited passersby to write on it.  On the board they wrote the words – Write Your Biggest Regret.  Throughout the day random folks wrote down their regrets for all to see.  And what did A Plus find?  Well, the regrets folks put down were about – Chances not taken, words not spoken, and dreams never pursued.  Towards the end of the video the regrets written down are erased leaving the chalkboard blank.  At the end, the video offers words of encouragement for all of us – Every day is a clean slate, Do the things you’ll regret not doing.

This is a sweet video which asks a question that many of us may do not want to hear.  And what you learn is that every day really is a clean chalkboard and each of us have the opportunity to do the things that we would regret not doing.  So, as often as you can, take your chances, speak your words, and pursue your dreams.  Life is just too short and you will probably never regret doing even little things like laughing, or telling someone “Nice job!” and “Thank You”, or do something artistic, maybe make some music, and making life fun.  So, call that friend.  Or, spend time with your family.  Or, maybe work on an item on your Bucket List.

Maybe rather than asking – What is Your Biggest Regret?, we should write down – What things did you do that you would have regretted not doing?

Live a Memory Friends.

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