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Posted July 31, 2016

Every week we will share with you memorable articles we’ve read about great places to visit and awesome things to do. Hopefully there may be some new things for you to add to your Bucket List and to Live a Memory!

Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado, USA - Cliff Palace

Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado, USA – Cliff Palace

To Protect History, A National Park Preps For Climate Change on NPR’s Morning Edition, Grace Hood tells us how park managers are working to protect Mesa Verde National Park from wildfire.  Mesa Verde, located in southwest Colorado, is home to Ancestral Pueblo amazing cliff dwelling as well as remnants of homes and farming sites.  These national treasures from the 1100’s and 1200’s are scattered throughout dense pinyon juniper forest and are susceptible to wildfires which can fan out across the region.

Stars for Singapore as Michelin Guide declares it a dining destination on, Evelyn Chen gives a delectable review of the Michelin Guide awarding it’s so very coveted stars to 29 eating establishments in Singapore! If you like to travel and you like good food – this gives you 29 more reasons to add a visit to Singapore to your Bucket List!

Noah’s Ark, Complete With Dinosaurs, Opens In Kentucky on, Shaena Montanari introduces us to a life-size replica (81 foot high and 510 foot long) of Noah’s Ark in Williamstown, Kentucky. The Ark Encounter also includes replicas of animals that may have been in Noah’s Ark. This may be a reason to find Williamstown, Kentucky (40 miles south of Cincinnati on I-75) on the map!

California Coastal Redwood

California Coastal Redwood

As Storms Erode California’s Cliffs, Buried Village Could Get Washed Away on NPR’s All Things Considered, Jes Burns exposes us to how winter storms have been eroding coastal bluffs at California’s Redwood National Park and how buried remains of Native American archaeological sites are at risk for falling into the ocean. We learn how Redwood National Park and local tribes are working together to stabilize the ground at the old village sites. The geology, the archaeology, and the amazing Redwood forests are wonderful reasons to head out and visit this incredible spot.

Boston Light: First U.S. Lighthouse Celebrates 300 Years In Service on NPR’s Morning Edition, Deborah Becker shines light on Boston Light and the 300th anniversary of the first U.S. Lighthouse. Deborah visits Boston Light which is located on Little Brewster Island in Boston Harbor and speaks with the wonderful lighthouse keeper, Sally Snowman. As if there are not already tons of reasons to visit Boston – Boston Light and Sally Snowman are two more!

In Lake Huron, Underwater Treasures, And A Marine Sanctuary, Boost Tourism Industry on NPR’s All Things Considered, Veronica Volk dives into a story about how Alpena, Michigan lures in tourists by promoting what lies beneath the beautiful Lake Huron waves. Alpena, where the Thunder Bay River meets the northern edge of Lake Huron, used to be a bustling port but is now reeling in tourists by promoting the more than 200 sunken ships that line its shoreline in an area known as “Shipwreck Alley.” Visiting cool places like Alpena, golf in the summer, skiing in the winter, fishing all year round, and the beautiful fall tree colors are all reasons to add a visit to Northern Michigan to your Bucket List.

China cracks down on Great Wall brick thieves on, Clara Lindh updates us on efforts by Chinese authorities to protect the Great Wall from not only wind, rain and sandstorms, but also from local residents looking to use bricks to build houses and for agriculture, as well as from tourists and vandals. Our kudos to the local authorities working to save this great cultural treasure.

9 Under-the-Radar National Parks for Summer on, Julie Beer lists 9 great National Parks that may not always be on everyone’s Top Ten List. These are all wonderful places to visit!

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