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Posted July 10, 2016

Every week we will share with you memorable articles we’ve read about great places to visit and awesome things to do. Hopefully there may be some new things for you to add to your Bucket List and to Live a Memory!

A Land of Diversity - Great Smoky Mountains

A Land of Diversity – Great Smoky Mountains

Great Smoky Mountains Is The Nation’s Most Popular National Park on NPR’s Here & Now, Jeremy Hobson speaks with Dana Soehn, a management assistant at the park, who introduces us to this wonderful gem in the national park system. Dana’s love and excitement for the park comes through in the interview and she gives you many good reasons to add a visit to your Bucket List.

After an almost five-year journey to the solar system’s largest planet, NASA’s Juno spacecraft successfully entered Jupiter’s orbit on Monday, July 4. With its suite of nine science instruments, Juno’s principal goal is to understand the origin and evolution of Jupiter. In the article, NASA’s Juno Spacecraft in Orbit Around Mighty Jupiter on, you get a great overview of what it took to get Juno to Jupiter and what it will do around this incredible planet. And if you have not had a chance to visit the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, you have to add it to your Bucket List!

What is really cool about the JUNO mission is that NASA is calling for the help of amateur astronomers to upload their telescopic images of Jupiter and help decide what points of interest JunoCam will photograph! You can visit the JUNOCAM site and learn more about JUNOCAM!

Sunset at Badlands National Park

Sunset at Badlands National Park

And if you want to look at Jupiter and all the other stars in the sky a great placed to do star gazing is in Badlands National Park. Summer night sky viewing is offered at the Cedar Pass Campground Amphitheater on Friday through Monday nights. After the evening ranger program, stay to enjoy the spectacular night sky. You can learn all about the Badlands National Park Night Sky Program at their webpage.

Summer is the time for Art Fairs and one of the best you will find is the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair in Ann Arbor, Michigan! You will be immersed in art, color, sites, and sounds at the 57th Annual Ann Arbor Street Art Fair held this year on July 21-24. There are many great Art Fairs held throughout the country, but this is one of our favorites! Let us know your favorite Art Fair by emailing us at or adding a Comment to this post.

Lava Tube from the Kilauea volcano at Hawaii Volcanoes

Lava Tube from the Kilauea volcano at Hawaii Volcanoes

Have you ever seen an active volcano? Have you ever hiked through a lava tube? Hiking through a Hawaiian lava tube on, Stephanie Elam takes us into a massive lava tube from the Kilauea volcano at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island of Hawaii. Surprisingly, even though the Hawaiian Islands were created by 70 million years ago, the lava tubes were created only about 500 years ago. Having been to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and in a lava tube – if you like geology then this is a place for you!

Great National Park Lodges on Travel + Leisure, Andrea Cooper makes you yearn to get on the road and visit some of the best Lodges in the National Park System. Most of the really cool lodges are out west in places like Yosemite, Yellowstone, and the Grand Canyon – so Live a Memory by loading up the car and heading out to visit some of these incredible attractions!

And Nepal says Indian police couple faked Mt Everest photos on ABC News On-line where an Indian couple falsified photographs of themselves at the top of Mount Everest. Apparently to certify that you made it to the top of Mount Everest you must submit a photo and these two climbers submitted a fake photo! It is a great feat just to get to Base Camp, but to submit a fake photo from the top – come one folks!


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