It Must be a Sign!

Radium Hot Springs, BC, Canada

Radium Hot Springs, BC, Canada

When we head out on a road trip we typically rely on the wonderful road sign to get us to our destination and back. They tell us direction, give us distances, provide information (mostly useful – LOL), and help to make our journey quite a bit easier. Did you know that road signs were first used way back during the Roman Empire? During the days of Julius Caesar large stone markers called milestones were placed at specific spots along the thousands of miles of roman roads. And just like today, they also gave travelers information about distances, and directions, and highlighted important things like rest areas. Hmmm ….. I wonder if they gave directions to the Roman’s version of Starbucks?

The road sign has come a long way since the more than 4,000 pound stone monoliths which the Roman’s used. The signs of today come in various shapes, sizes, and colors depending on what kind of information is displayed. Signs showing different animals are often really cool and other signs such as names of exits can be really funny! My personal favorite exit sign is Stinking Creek Road at exit 144 on I-75 in northern Tennessee – I laugh every time I pass that exit.

In the ‘For the Fun’ page of, we will place photos of some of our favorite road signs in It Must be a Sign! We hope that you will enjoy the photos and maybe, just maybe, inspire you to head out on the road and find some fun road signs!

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