What will you get your loved one on Valentine’s Day?

Wine, Cheese, and Chocolates on Valentine's Day

Wine, Cheese, and Chocolates on Valentine’s Day

Ah, February 14, Valentine’s Day – a day when we get to show our loved one’s just how much they mean to us. But, oh my gosh – What should I get? What should I do? Should I spend a lot? Can I spend a little? Should I buy chocolates? Should I buy cheese? How about some wine? Flowers always work – right?

Ok – settle down – I will get a card! Well, if you choose a card, then you are in good company. Every year on Valentine’s Day 145 million cards are given to those near and dear to us. Now, that is pretty far behind the 1.6 billion Christmas cards purchased in the U.S. every year, but it is still a pretty doggone impressive number just the same.

Well, how about flowers instead? Once again, if you gets flowers – especially roses – then you should be in good standing! The rose bud conjures up wonderful romantic feelings – so that is a great choice. Besides, the rose is the favorite flower of Venus, the Roman goddess of love – so if it works for Venus then it should work for You – LOL! And every year Venus’ advice is taken rather impressively since more than 200 million roses are purchased for Valentine’s Day.

Now, how about the color? Well, that is an easy one since the Red rose is the flower of choice. But, if you want to spice things then you have a whole rainbow of colors to pick from. According to aboutflowers.com, these are the most popular colors of roses on Valentine’s Day:

Red Roses
Roses of Mixed Colors

But, what if Valentine’s Day cards or flowers are not on your list for this February 14? Do not worry since there are a lot of things you can get. The National Retail Federation did some polling and found that the following are the top things given to our loved ones for Valentine’s Day. This should give you a lot to pick from!

Greeting cards
An evening out
Gift card/gift certificate

Sadly, the one thing not seen on the list of items that we give our loved ones on Valentine’s Day is – Time. Maybe we just get too worked up about giving material items and all we really need to do is give some of our Time. Maybe the Time for a phone call. Maybe the time for a hug? How about watching a movie together at home? How about taking a walk? What about taking out the garbage or sweeping the carpet? These all sound so simple, but some of the memories that we savor the most are the ones that are from the simplest of moments. It really does not take much to make a wonderful memory.

If you would like to read some more neat facts Valentine’s Day you can check out this article from Woman’s Day.


Live a Memory Friends.

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